A Trip to the Farmer’s Market

In Kent, Ohio, the Haymaker Farmer’s Market is open year-round on Saturday mornings from 10am-1pm . You can find everything from grass-fed beef to fresh maple syrup. Today, I uber-ed through the snowy streets, $6 round trip (after a fare-split with a friend), to shop for some local and organic groceries. Here are my estimated costs. I ended getting eight Fuji apples $5, a pint of maple syrup $7, a dozen brown eggs $7, a loaf of sprouted wheat bread $5, a pound of grass-fed ground beef $9, 2 containers of fresh goat cheese $12, and mizuna $7. That breaks down to $8 a day. Trying to follow a food allergy friendly meal plan at college cost me around $24 a day but I only had $123.75 a week in meal plan credits #theytriedit.

At the end of last semester, I was living off of broth, seaweed and ramen noodles because I ran out of money on my meal plan. I got so skinny my mom thought a picture I took of myself in a dress I made was an actual mannequin #nottoday. I’d call shopping at Haymaker Farmers Market a deal and success towards a path of food allergy freedom!
Keep checking back on Instagram and Facebook to see how I stretch these goodies with my pantry staples until it’s time to shop again. #crushingit #farmersmarket #foodallergynetwork #foodallergies #cooking #foodallergyrecipes #recipes #collegestudent


For anyone living, studying or working in the Kent area, you can find out about the Haymaker Market on their website or on instagram or facebook.


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